Stamford Endowed Schools

Location: Stamford, Lincolnshire

Age of pupils: 3-18 y.o.

Gender: Diamond

Boarding: Day, Weekly boarding, Full boarding

Pupils: 1700

Head: Mr Will Phelan

Last updated 25.03.2021

Short description of the school

Stamford Endowed Schools is a diamond, independent boarding and day family of schools in the market town of Stamford, Lincolnshire, in the East Midlands. It accepts boys and girls from the ages of 3 to 18. Boys and girls are taught together until the age of 11, separately from 11-16, before coming back together again in a joint Sixth Form.

The school is actually on several sites within the market town of Stamford - which has been named as one of the safest and best places to live in the UK. The separate schools for boys and girls are close to each other and to the town centre with the Prep school also close by. Sport pitches are located within walking distance of both schools. Stamford Endowed Schools as they are known, thus form an integral part of this famous historic town.

Stamford Endowed Schools history begins in 1532 when the first school from the association, and called Stamford School, was founded. This was for boys only. Then, in 1877, Stamford High School, a girls only school was opened. The last member of the group - Stamford Junior School - was established in 2002, Today, boys and girls aged 2 to 11 attend the Junior School then study separately from 11 to 16 and get back together from 16 to 18.

The Stamford Endowed Schools family thus consists of:

  • Stamford Junior School, for boys and girls from 2 to 11 years of age
  • Stamford School, for boys 11-18 years old
  • Stamford High School, for girls 11-18 years old

Students in the Sixth Form are taught in co-educational classes across both the senior school sites.

In addition to leadership and curriculum, all three schools are united by one goal - to create a happy and friendly environment in which learning comes first and where children are interested in themselves. Pupils are encouraged in every possible way to achieve their goals and overcome life’s obstacles. A love for learning and respect for themselves and for the world around them is instilled into all children.

The school has a large selection of art and music classes - each child learns to play at least one musical instrument. Traditional school sports are also strong with the school rugby team regularly winning national competitions.

There are many famous people of their time among the graduates of the school, from scientists and politicians to outstanding athletes and military personnel.

The school has a broadly Anglican ethos but welcomes pupils of all faiths or none.

What makes this school different from others?

  • Great location*
  • Diamond School**
  • Schools established 1532
  • "Stamfordian Spirit"
  • Observatory (Astronomy Club)
  • Dissection club
  • Robotics club

*Stamford was recently voted the best place to live in the UK (2019, The Times)

**Dimond School – boys and girls are taught together until the age of 11, separately from 11-16, before coming back together again in a joint Sixth Form.

School strengths:

Strong  Science
Dedicated labs for each of the sciences including an observatory.
Small class sizes allowing for high levels of participation in practical work/experiments
We have various science clubs including astronomy, dissection and robotics

Strong Music
We have more than 40 music groups including choirs, bands, orchestra
We provide 500 lessons a week and hold 80 performances a year.

Strong Drama and Dance
There are 2 productions and a dance showcase every year. Pupils are involved in every aspect from performance, choreography, creating the sets, lighting and sound.
We offer a Speech and Drama club after school, with optional LAMDA qualifications from Year 2 with 4/5 pupils receiving a distinction.

Message from the Head of the school

Headmaster photoCommitment, care, enthusiasm and integrity underlie every aspect of life at the Stamford Endowed Schools. Our children are educated in an environment where learning is regarded as a privilege and key to unlocking all of life’s possibilities. Our teachers dedicate themselves to inspiring intellectual curiosity in the students in evermore innovative ways, whilst doing their utmost to promote and protect the wellbeing of the children in their care.As a community our Schools work in harmony, blending students of different backgrounds and broadening their horizons with the many opportunities available in and beyond the classroom. As a result, the students are equipped not only with exceptional exam results, but a wide range of experiences which prepare them for whatever path they choose in life.

Will Phelan,

Maps,addresses and directions

Stamford Junior School
Kettering Road

Stamford School
Southfields House

Stamford High School
St. Martin’s Street

programmes and subjects

GCSE A Level
core subjects:


English & English Literature Business Studies
Mathematics Chemistry
Science Classical Civilisation
subject choices:

Design Technology:
Fashion & Textiles

Art and Design

Design Technology:
Product Design

Classical Civilisation

Drama & Theatre

Creative iMedia


Design Technology:
Product Design

English Language


English Literature

Food & Nutrition

Fine Art


Further Mathematics










Modern Foreign Languages
Physical Education Music
Religious Studies
(Philosophy & Ethics)
Music Technology
Spanish Philosophy & Ethics
  Physical Education


BTEC Sport
BTEC Business

academic results

There are two grading systems applied in the UK. Grades in England are indicated by numbers from 1 to 9, where 9 is the highest grade.

System in Wales and Northern Ireland is evaluated using a letter grading scale from G to A*, where A* is the highest grade.

GCSE 2019-20
A*-A / 9-7 59.9%
B / 6


C-D / 5-4



A level 2019-20
A*-A 42.7%
B 32%
C and below 25.3%












Cross Country




Football Football
Golf Golf
Hockey Gymnastics
Rugby Hockey
Sailing Netball
Shooting Rowing
Squash Sailing
Swimming Squash
Table Tennis Swimming
Tennis Tennis


Other than sport
Art & Design

boarding options

Boarding at Stamford Endowed Schools is available from age of 7-18 (Years 3-13).

Boarding Options

1+ nights: Occasional/flexi boarding
5 nights: Weekly boarding
7 nights: Traditional full boarding

How can I apply to this school?

The main points of entry to the Stamford Endowed Schools are at ages 5, 7, 11, 13 and 16, but the school also accepts applications for other year groups provided there are places. Boarders are accepted from the age of 7.

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Currency Converter:

Year Age
Day fees
Stamford Junior School
R 4-5 10,000 GBP NA NA
Y1 5-6 10,640 GBP NA NA
Y2 6-7 10,640 GBP NA NA
Y3 7-8 12,875 GBP 23,400 GBP 23,700 GBP
Y4 8-9 12,875 GBP 23,400 GBP 23,700 GBP
Y5 9-10 12,875 GBP 23,400 GBP 23,700 GBP
Y6 10-11 12,875 GBP 23,400 GBP 23,700 GBP
Stamford School and Stamford High School
Y7 11-12 16,300 GBP 30,400 GBP 30,900 GBP
Y8 12-13 16,300 GBP 30,400 GBP 30,900 GBP
Y9 13-14 16,300 GBP 30,400 GBP 30,900 GBP
Y10 14-15 16,300 GBP 30,400 GBP 30,900 GBP
Y11 15-16 16,300 GBP 30,400 GBP 30,900 GBP
Y12 16-17 16,300 GBP 30,400 GBP 30,900 GBP
Y13 17-18 16,300 GBP 30,400 GBP 30,900 GBP

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