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What is ISAC Direct?

ISAC Direct (Independent Schools & Colleges Direct) is not a typical recruitment agency. We are an association of excellent independent schools, all of which will help children thrive as they are encouraged to realise their full potential in every area of their studies, both at school and beyond.

What can we do for you?

We will help you identify and gain admission to the most suitable independent school for your child. The process starts with a free consultation and advice on how to start your search. We will then guide you through the entire admissions process.

Why ISAC Direct?

ISAC Direct offers a unique opportunity to streamline the admissions process to UK independent schools. Selecting and applying to the right school for your child has never been easier.

We simplify the admissions process for you by offering:

A single application form

If you apply directly to several schools, you would usually be required to complete a separate application form for each school.

By applying through ISAC Direct you will only need to complete a single application form which will be submitted to the schools* you choose to shortlist.

Once a place at a school has been accepted, there will be additional forms to complete and we will assistyou with this.

*this applies to schools listed on our portal only

A single registration fee

If you apply directly to several schools, you will be required to pay a registration fee to each school.

No matter how many schools* you apply to, using ISAC Direct means you pay only one registration fee.

*this applies to schools listed on our portal only

A single set of written exams

Many independent schools ask your child to sit their own entrance exams as part of the admissions process. Thus the more schools you apply to, the more exams your child has to sit.

Through ISAC Direct, no matter how many schools * you apply to, your child will only need to sit one set of exams which will be accepted by all the schools on our portal.

However, there are some schools which use Common Entrance Exams whilst some non-selective schools do not require applicants to sit any formal entrance exams at all. In either of these cases, ISAC Direct will again assist your child with whichever process is necessary.

*this applies to schools listed on our portal only

In addition, you will have DIRECT access to the member schools, enabling you to address your questions to them and access the latest information regarding scholarships etc.

Further advantages of ISAC Direct

All the information you need regarding each school listed on our portal is up-to-date and concise.
There is no need for you to trawl through each school’s website to locate this information.

Our favourite schools

Welcome to our school

Edward O'Connor

Headmaster of St Edmund's School Canterbury

"The information about St Edmund's School Canterbury published on ISAC Direct portal is closely monitored by the school. St Edmund's School Canterbury is happy to be a part of this innovative new project."

Simon Lockyer

Headmaster of Royal Hospital School

"With recent Global events, we have realised that here at the Royal Hospital School we have needed to change our approach for becoming recognised internationally. We are delighted to be part of this project and we look forward to welcoming pupils through the ISAC Direct portal."

George Budd

Headmaster of Moreton Hall School

"Moreton Hall is delighted to be a part of this exciting new venture. The information about our school published on ISAC Direct portal is closely monitored by us. We invite you to take a closer look at our school and other carefully selected independent schools in a new and innovative way."

Adrian Hallworth

Headmaster of Taunton School International

"The details provided on the ISAC Direct portal are closely monitored and regularly updated by Taunton School. We hope you find the information informative and helpful and we very much look forward to hearing from you in the near future."

Matthew Williams

Headmaster of Warminster School

"Welcome to Warminster School via the ISAC Direct Portal, we are thrilled to be part of this new venture, where the team has a great knowledge and understanding of the British Education system and the huge benefits we have to offer at Warminster School."

Barney Durrant

Headmaster of St Lawrence College

"We are delighted to be a part of the ISAC Direct consortium, which will enable the expansion of St Lawrence College's global reach and give prospective parents the opportunity to explore our values and attributes in an innovative and exciting way."

Julian Noad

Headmaster of Oswestry School

"Oswestry School is delighted to be part of the ISAC Direct consortium of schools; as one of the oldest schools in England, we welcome this innovative opportunity for families to explore opportunities for their children from an expertly curated selection of independent schools."

How to choose schools
via ISAC Direct

On our portal you can select schools by:


Fees will vary from school to school. Generally, fees are lower at schools in remote areas of the country, but this is not always the case. Schools with a good boarding provision may be less expensive than those where students live with host families.

We can help you to identify schools that fit your budget.

Educational Programmes

Independent schools in the UK do not all follow the same curriculum. Different programmes are offered, and many will use a combination of programmes.

With the help of our selection tool you will be able to choose the educational programme that is best suited to your child.

If you would like advice about available programmes, please book a free online consultation and a member of the team will be pleased to help you make the right choice for your child.

Selectivity / Academic Results

Many schools have a rigorous selection process and are best suited to those who are highly academic.

Academic progress is an individual thing and depends on a range of factors. In some cases, children thrive better, are happier and achieve more in a less academically pressurised atmosphere.

We will guide you through the process from start to finish, helping you to make the right choice for your child and ensuring they achieve their full potential.

Pastoral Support / Learning Support

All independent schools pride themselves on offering outstanding pastoral support. They aim to provide a caring and supportive environment in which your child’s well-being is paramount.

Many schools are also able to offer excellent learning support should your child have additional needs.

We can provide more specific information about our member schools to ensure you make the right choice

Extra-curricular activities / Sport

All schools offer a vast range of extra-curricular activities, many of which are included in the fees. Some schools will specialise in certain activities or sports and may even run a professional academy, for example in football, tennis, sailing or golf.

We can help you identify which schools offer the particular activity or level of coaching that your child requires.

Boarding Accommodation

Boarding provision varies from school to school. Younger pupils will usually board in dormitories or rooms with four or more. The number of pupils per room reduces with age and many will benefit from single rooms from the age of 15. Ensuite accommodation is common at Sixth Form.

We can advise on the type of accommodation available at our member schools to enable you to choose a style that is right for your child.

We will be pleased to provide specific information about any school listed on the portal as required.

Your 7 step school admissions guide

Our services are to provide assistance at every stage of admission.


Request an initial consultation

We will be pleased to provide a free of charge consultation with one of leading specialists. Having learned more about your child, we will offer advice on school selection and how to embark on the admissions process.


Shortlist as many schools as you wish

By searching the schools on our portal you will be able to select those that are most suitable for your child.


Complete a single application form and pay a single registration fee

Having shortlisted schools, you will only be required to complete one application form. You will also need to send us your child’s previous schools reports and references which we will submit to the schools on your behalf. If required, we will also arrange a translation.

You will only need to pay a single registration fee which we will forward to the school you choose on your behalf.


Sit a single set of entrance exams

Rather than sitting separate exams for every school you wish to apply for a place at, your child will sit a single set of exams via our portal, the results of which will be shared with all the shortlisted schools.


Talk to the schools you wish to consider

You are welcome to submit additional questions to any school that is willing to consider your child for entry. You or your child will also be able to chat to specific subject teachers to assist with the decision-making process.


Have an interview

If a school is willing to consider your child for a place once they have reviewed the results of the entrance exams, they will arrange an interview with your child, either in person (depending on prevailing circumstances) or online.

An offer of a place may be made at this stage.


Arrange a school visit or virtual tour

Prior to accepting a place at a school, depending on the circumstances, you may arrange a visit or organise a virtual tour.

Offers are accepted or declined at this stage.

ISAC Direct will assist with the completion of the documentation required by the school, at no additional charge. Pupils joining from overseas will receive assistance with the visa application process, if required.

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